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Words matter. Words have consequences.

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After surviving a suicide attempt, I fight depression and mental health taboos by writing about suicide prevention and asking troublesome questions regarding life. Let’s stop pretending it is sunny when it rains. And let’s deal with the rain.

Cryptocurrency | Metaverse | The Technology In Our Lives

What is Get free UPX currency with these crucial tips. Upland referral coupon. It is much more than a game!

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The Technology in Our Lives

What do Ramsay Bolton, Sansa Stark, and Mark Zuckerberg have in common?

The Technology in Our Lives

Facebook and Google may be evil, but perhaps they are right this time.

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The Technology in Our Lives

Free online content in exchange for incoming links: Both sides of the equation are dead.

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Mental Health

Will you save your friend suffering from mental illness or put the last nail in the coffin?

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When tough times come, you know who your true friends are.

Society & Politics

Trump 2024 could be worst than Trump 2020. Here’s why.

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November 2020: Where do we stand?

Dwade Kearns

A #depression brought me to a suicide attempt. I fight taboos on Medium while working on my books. | #SuicidePrevention #WritingCommunity | #PenName

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