Dwade Kearns

Oct 25, 2021

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WITNESS: The best and the worse of humankind as seen by a ridesharing driver.

While seeking to get back on my feet after a suicide struggle, I killed time as a ridesharing driver. It led me to rediscover human nature. I got to interact with the best and the worse of humankind, observe the 7 deadly sins and 7 corresponding virtues, engage with generous poor people, face greedy rich bastards, visit secluded neighborhoods, transport half-naked men & women, survive rude passengers, and have the most incongruous conversations. It gave me sharp images of what I wanted - and didn’t want - for the rest of my life. Perhaps you will relate to some of it...

Dwade Kearns

A #depression brought me to a suicide attempt. I fight taboos on Medium while working on my books. | #SuicidePrevention #WritingCommunity | #PenName