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Dwade Kearns
5 min readOct 25, 2020
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I joined Medium under a pen name mainly to write about mental health issues and share my experience with depression and suicide — topics that are still taboo in our society. So much so that I felt pressured to hide my identity from my working colleagues, friends, and family members. Even my family doctor, who used to be a close friend, wanted to transfer my file to another doctor after finding out I attempted to commit suicide.

While seeking to get back on my feet after that struggle, I killed time as a ridesharing driver. I’m sharing my observations about our society through the eyes of a rideshare driver in Miami’s South Beach.

Society–From a ridesharing perspective!

Depression, Suicide Prevention & Mental Health— It Matters!

Mental health, depression, and suicide touch everybody — personally or through a friend, a family member, or a colleague. Why is it still taboo?



Dwade Kearns

A #depression brought me to a suicide attempt. I fight taboos on Medium while working on my books. | #SuicidePrevention #WritingCommunity | #PenName